Memorial Day in the Best Way You Know How

We have put out an American flag on Memorial Day weekend since we moved here.  The previous owner left her flag with the house, and we decided to carry on the tradition.  So, for just over three months of the year we have the Stars & Stripes hanging outside our door.  We take it down after September 11th.  I don’t think either of us would have thought we’d be a “flag house” a few years ago.  But, there you go.

Last year I mentioned local photographer Leslie Granda Hill’s contributions to both her own photo essay called Coming Home: A photo essay on Wounded Warriors and to the book Until Tuesday.  And I took my kids to last year’s Montclair’s Memorial Day Service, which was held inside – it looks like this year’s 10 am service may be as well will be out in the fresh air of Edgemont Park.

Editorials around this holiday always sound either sheepish about enjoying the days off or angry that others are (sheepishly) enjoying the days off.  Here’s an example of sheepish from The New York Times, and here’s The Montclair Times being angry and attempting to guilt more people into attending ceremonies.  And while it would be wonderful to have more people show up to Memorial Day functions of solemnity, it seems counter to what many say our country stands for, free-thinking and choosing to (or not to) participate in patriotic events, to behave like a parent longing to change the behavior of a teenager.

Enjoy this Memorial Day of 2012 in the best way you know how.  Personally, I think a little Curtis Mayfield works for the day.

And Taps, which gets me every time.


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