The World of Book Kerfuffles Makes me Titter

I have not read that book derived from the Twilight saga, and I don’t intend to read it. (Not that I didn’t try to steer my book group towards it so as to have an excuse…)  However, I can readily acknowledge that there is something titillating about having an easy if awkwardly phrased read that broaches topics we might not otherwise be willing to gobble up outside of the Penthouse Forum Letters.  (What’s that? Never heard of it.)  In fact, I was only mildly surprised to see the BDSM book displayed in one of the LAST places I expected: Grove Pharmacy! The old school neighborhood pharmacy had the two sequels proudly displayed on the counter next to the cash register yesterday.  Ka-ching!  Good for them.  Although, I’d suggest offering a discount on Neosporin and gauze with each purchase.  You know, in case people want to relive the magic that is many shades of grey.

Here’s how I imagine the true magic of Fifty Shades of Grey. (NSFW or Kids!)

Still, something unintentionally positive has come out of it for an author wholly unrelated to the darker shades of poor writing. Another book, Ruta Sepetys’ young adult novel Between Shades of Gray, has been selling faster than ice melts on a hot poker due to title confusion. And yes, her novel about ethnic cleansing in Lithuania during World War II came first.

In case you want to do more research into THAT topic, here’s the Between Shades of Gray website, complete with an author interview.


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11 Responses to The World of Book Kerfuffles Makes me Titter

  1. The whole 50 SHADES thing has me amused and mystified and happy and upset depending on the day and the reactions of people. Amused that one piece of fan-fiction has the world snickering. Mystified that erotica is being treated like it’s a whole new genre. Happy that people are reading. Upset that libraries are removing it (or any book) from the shelf.

    But the fact that GREY is leading some readers to GRAY thrills me. I’m overjoyed that BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY is getting press and exposure and notice. It’s a powerful book on a difficult subject. I was bowled over when I read it last year and knew that as good as it is, it would be a hard sell and a difficult one to get people interested in reading. For it to get any notice at all will bring it readers and it’s a book that truly deserves it.

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    KD, I read and LOVED Between Shades of Gray. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Ruta talks about a part of history that is unknown by many. (Myself included.) The story is a sad one, but it is a testament to the resilience of these people. If you have not read it – I hope you will.

  3. LOL! Seriously? I wish I could get the time back I read that book. It took me forever to trudge through it. But what makes me mad is that I waited until FOREVER to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon and I was obsessed. So I win 1, lose 1, what’s next?

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