Glad I Saw It: Curbed Firebird

Isn’t this a pretty, pretty car?  I’m far from a fanatic when it comes to car stuff, but I do appreciate a lovely piece of automotive history.  Since Bloomfield has a pretty regular car obsession, we get our fair share of lovely metal boxes driving around.

I was lucky enough to get to ride around town in this Firebird last week. Fun!  It really does make you want to wave at people with joy.  I restrained myself from waving and shouting “Wheeeee!” on the five minute drive, but it was tough.

See more in the mini-slideshow below, or check out a few cars at today’s Maplewood Mayfest or on Wednesday nights on Bloomfield’s Broad Street.  This car was purchased off eBay, and came with the white striped tiger. The current owner didn’t want to get rid of it.  Superstition?

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3 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Curbed Firebird

  1. Gorgeous! It reminds me of my parents car- an old Firebird that was stolen when I was 4. Apparently I had a ‘Farrah’ doll in the back and was much more traumatized over losing the doll than our yellow Firebird. We received a letter 20 years later from the police saying it was never found. Oh well. Pretty pics!

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    That car is gorgeous! It was purchased on EBay?! Holy smokes. I don’t blame him for keeping the white tiger snug where it is.

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