Glad I Saw It: Lovers on a Pedestal

Who needs trying-too-hard fan fiction when you’ve got friends like mine?

Not only did this home have gorgeous paintings by the father of the mother of the birthday boy. (Good luck figuring that one out.) But talk about making kiddie parties much more fun with art!

First I got to see naked people on my beloved Brooklyn Bridge, and now I’ve got vertical sexual acts in the living room. Next to the buffet, no less!  This statuette is gorgeous.  I love it for the curves and the passion and the fantasy.  And the mirrored pedestal.

Considering that we have a nude in our living room, it’s nice to know that there are compatriots around our way.


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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Lovers on a Pedestal


  2. Make love, not war! I LOVE that this is out for all to see, even at a kids’ bday party. Awesome!

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