On the Cutting Edge: Parlor Hair Studio

The bowl of quarters on the front counter of Parlor Hair Studio says it all.  Clients at this downtown Montclair salon get caring treatment for their hair and skin, and also for realities – like parking.  There’s not much that will take away the relaxation of a scalp massage before your haircut faster than a parking ticket, and the staff at Parlor want the calm of your visit to last.  And if my visit to Parlor is any indication, that’s a calm worth preserving.

Rosemary, one of the owners, is sunshine personified.  She greeted me with a smile and immediately praised Erica, my assigned stylist.  “She knows just what to do with your thick, wavy hair!” Oh, thank goodness. As I sat down with Erica, I felt at ease because she told me what SHE noticed first, and then asked for clarification.  Sometimes I’ve felt like stylists just nodded and agreed with me, but what do I know? After giving Erica full permission to do what she liked with my hair, Hannah led me over to the shampoo station.

Scalp Massage by Hannah = Blissed Out.

She stopped me from leaning back into the sink and explained that first there is a complimentary scalp massage.  Oh boy was it relaxing.  And really, the shampooing was just more of the same delightful massaging – I was happily breathing in the Aveda fragrances and could have stayed right there the rest of the afternoon.  Lovely.

Returning to Erica’s chair, I sat down ready for my blow out.  Erica offered me a magazine, and because this was a special event, I was offered a glass of prosecco or wine*.  I declined both; I’m not much of a magazine reader, and I was worried that if I started with prosecco at 4 pm, I’d never make it to the party later! (I eventually took a small glass…very nice!)

Loose curls are included; tight curls can be an extra charge.

Surprisingly, Erica didn’t take as long as I expected to blow-out my head of hair.  Usually it’s been about an hour (I have a lot of hair), but we were done well before that AND I got a red hair extension* in honor of our Scary Mommy Book Bash.  They are made from real hair, and attached with a clip. They’ll stay in for up to three months, depending on wear and tear.  But you can have it taken out anytime with a short visit back to Parlor.   I love it, and intend to keep it in as long as it will have me.

Erica did a great job, and she gave me some lovely waves that even made my grey hairs look chic.  Between the pampering and the prosecco, I felt like I had been on a vacation!

The upstairs lounge with coffee and guilty pleasure reading.

As I waited for my friends to have their hair blown-out, I checked out the upstairs lounge.  Rosemary and Erica explained that  clients can choose to do their own hair after a cut (which can sometimes lower the price), and those having color or curls setting can wait upstairs for more privacy. There were magazines, comfy seating, a coffee machine, and a funky vibe.

Something else clients can do to pass the time with color or curlers is admire the art on display at Parlor.  When I went, an artist named Erica Resnick was on display. Whenever Parlor changes the art on its walls (and it’s for sale!), they host a Sunday wine and cheese reception to celebrate.

Take a look at my slideshow for more views of the space and service I  received at the hands of Erica, Hannah, Rosemary and the entire, friendly staff.  Until the end of May, they are offering 10% off all services in honor of Mother’s Day. Stop in – maybe I’ll see you there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I received a complimentary blow-out and red hair extension as part of the Baristakids Scary Mommy Book Bash. There was no expectation of a review of Parlor, let alone a positive one. I am thankful to whomever cancelled their 4:30 blow-out appointment – as it opened up a spot for me!
* Bridal party sessions and special events can arrange for Parlor to serve glasses of wine. Make sure to request this before hand!
* Extensions are $100 per ten piece package.  They come in many colors, and some clients change them up regularly, depending on their events.

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9 Responses to On the Cutting Edge: Parlor Hair Studio

  1. Carla says:

    the pics of your facial expressions are priceless

  2. Anna says:

    parlor sounds amazing, i so need (not want, need) to check it out!

  3. Sounds like a lovely experience…and your hair looks terrific. I attended the Scary Mommy event and I spoke with the Parlor stylists who where there doing the complimentary extensions; they were personable and funny. The entire event was really, really fun!

    • I’m not a salon person (What? This surprises you?), and I felt totally comfortable there. My husband suggested that I go for a blow-out weekly. Don’t know quite how to take that. 😉 I will be back there though.

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Siobhan says:

    I’ve been trusting Wendy at Parlor with my thick wavy hair for more than 10 years! The salon is a true refuge. Word to the wise: once you take your kids there, they’ll never want to go to SuperCuts again. I have my 13-yr old on a 4x/year Parlor Studio budget. Sometimes he goes more often and pays for it with his own dog-walking money.

  5. Thanks for the mention. 🙂 🙂

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