Glad I Saw It: Green Dragonfly

This is a small part of the wall outside Over the Moon, a children’s clothing store on Valley Road.  We like to play “I Spy” when we walk past.  It’s amazing to me how specifically placed the pieces of pottery and tiles are – I do not have the patience (or artistry!) for this.

I’ve never been inside the store, but we appreciate the outdoor decor!


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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Green Dragonfly

  1. Oh this is awesome! Love the colors, love that you play ‘eye spy’, and love love love that you appreciate the artistry.

    • I have a few more “details” from this wall. It goes from floor to ceiling. Well, actually, it’s outside, so does that count as ceiling?

      And is it I SPY or EYE SPY or both? I changed it before hitting publish.

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