The Great Mother’s Day Irony: Parking in Pink and Blue

Something struck me as a chuckle when I saw these spaces for expectant mothers (or someone with a great deal of bloating) taken up with the abundant flowering plants available for Mother’s Day.

Frankly, I find this sort of parking adorably unnecessary – I mean, shouldn’t there be more handicapped parking here instead of across the traffic lanes? – but it’s the thought that counts.

With or without a parking space full of fragrant, flowery gifts, have a fantastic day – and that goes for everyone!

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5 Responses to The Great Mother’s Day Irony: Parking in Pink and Blue

  1. Yes how ironic! In the UK all supermarkets have handicapped spots then spots for people with young kids I do miss that here and appreciate it when I’m there There is a lot more running in the rain to the car there though!

  2. I did not know they had spots for pregnant women….maybe it’s time to go out with a pillow up my top!

  3. Yes, there should be more handicapped parking there. Personally, I found it OK to walk to the entrance from a long distance when pregnant. It was when I had a 20 month old and an infant that I wanted a closer space! Always love the onslaught of flowers out for Mother’s Day. Hope you had a great one!

    • So true! Once the kids are out and about, getting them across that parking lot is such a challenge. I know sometimes pregnancy can be horrid and miserable, but in most cases – MORE walking is better!

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