Glad I Saw It: Elegance in the Front Yard

I’ve never been a big fan of irises. I don’t like frilly things in general, and that’s how they look to me. But now that I am re-seeing the world through my children’s eyes, I have to admit that yes, they do look like a butterfly party. And yes, they actually are very beautiful.

We are lucky that the previous owner of our home was an avid gardener, and she planted these irises that have given us a thrill for three springtimes now.  It’s one of the plantings that has survived my personal gardening style.  And while I’m not a big fan of pink or peach, I have to admit, I do look forward to these blooms opening.

If you want to see more varieties of irises, or if you want to try your hand at gardening with irises, the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens are open, and they are having a plant sale Friday and Saturday.  The Gardens will also have their Mother’s Day Concert and Boxed lunch on Sunday.  See the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens website for more details.

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9 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Elegance in the Front Yard

  1. Gorgeous! I love this soft petal pink color and the water droplets are just lovely.

  2. Ado says:

    I love Irises in the garden because they require so little of me yet year after year they give back such great blooms!

  3. Anna says:

    Cannot wait to visit the iris gardens, so gorgeous! and how can you not be an iris fan??

  4. But now that I see them through my children’s eyes… lovely, Kristin. My 10 year old niece constantly delights me in just this way. I hang on to her every word. I like that irises simply appear one day with no effort. Nice post.

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  6. “yes, they do look like a butterfly party”
    I’m not a garden-ish type of person, myself, so I never would have thought to view irises in this fashion. What a lovely perspective! And true, in retrospect! Love the way a kid’s mind works!

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