The Montclair Film Festival is Most Definitely Here.

The director, Terence Nance, at the Q&A.

I saw Terence Nance’s An Oversimplification of Her Beauty last night. Gorgeous, thoughtful, sexy, joyful, fun.  I’m kind of glad that I ended up going by myself (no offense, Georgette!) because it’s the kind of film I want to get to know on my own first  so as not to be influenced by others’ reactions.  It’s not for everyone, even though the woman next to me and I were Mmm Hmmming and nodding at the same time.  I wrote about it for Baristanet here.

I’ve loved traditional animation since college. Well, before that, obviously, as a fan.  But in college I was able to see first hand the sort of meticulous and intense work that goes into creating hand-drawn animation.  You get to know each frame personally in a way that no other medium allows.  And despite Terence Nance brushing off his abilities as an animator for this film, it’s pretty amazing.  Stop motion with wooden puppets, ink, watercolor, collage, and many more forms are used.  Each animated sequence is its own short film, and together they force an audience to absorb the stories with careful eyes.

One of the many animated sequences.

I strongly suggest going to the Sunday screening of An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, if you can!  The director won’t be there as he was last night, but you’ll get to see the full, uncut version of the film. It will be cut down for later screenings.

Later today, we’re taking the kids, who both love ballet at the Geyer Center, to see First Position.  Hopefully they’ll be able to sit through it with enjoyment.  I’m especially looking forward to my son seeing boys in ballet since he often hears the brothers of his classmates say: “What? There’s a boy in that class?!” when he enters his class.  It doesn’t seem to bother him a whit, but I think it will give him more confidence to decide whether or not he wants to take the class again.

There are several other films I’d love to see – Tiger Eyes (Judy Blume will be there!), Robot and Frank, Hysteria, Kumare, About Face, Calvet, We’re Not Broke, Last Call at the Oasis…I may as well just direct you to the schedule for The Montclair Film Festival’s last two days.  Sadly, I will probably only make it to one or two.  But I think it’s pretty clear that there will be a next year. And it can’t come fast enough!


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5 Responses to The Montclair Film Festival is Most Definitely Here.

  1. commutefromhell says:

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I have to tell you that I glanced rather quickly at what is playing soon (since I am nowhere near you and this awesomeness) and I thought you had ‘Harold and Kumar’ listed instead of ‘Frank, Hysteria, Kumare’. Hahha. You don’t strike me as that kind of fan 🙂

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