Glad I Saw It: Springtime Bicycles

These two bicycles were waiting patiently outside the Montclair Board of Education building last week. I thought to myself, “That makes a great photo!” And then I remembered that I always carry my camera with me.  And no it really does make a great photo.  Excellent, happy bikes! See them closer up below.


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6 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Springtime Bicycles

  1. I love that more and more folks are using bikes to get around – not just for exercise or recreation. Although, cycling for errands does burn calories and its fun! Looks like BOE building needs bike parking!

  2. Nice & colorful, just the way bikes should be! I just got a new one (though mine is black) and I’m obsessed with riding it everywhere!

    • That’s great! I have to admit to being a bit of a ninny about this – I’ve seen too many close calls around here. But when I was a teen, I rode all over the place with no shoulder or sidewalk. Happy biking!

  3. So very happy to have stumbled across your blog today. I do social media for Studio30+ and saw you follow them. I had to click over when I saw “Mutter/schwester.” Sind sie Deutsche??

    I live in Hoboken and it’s always nice to *meet* a fellow Jersey blogger 🙂 Love these cheerful bikes~especially on a day like today!

    • Meine Eltern sind aus Deutschland! I’m toying with the idea of getting into the Studio 30+ (although 40+ would be more appropriate!) community. Don’t know if I can take on one more addiction!

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