Poopendous Reading at Watchung Booksellers

My kids have been told “No Bathroom Talk” at their preschool.  And we’ve tried to curb their use of poopie, doo-doo, and peep (I don’t know why they say it with a P at the end) talk, especially during mealtimes.  And that’s why I was a bit wary of approaching the reading of Poopendous with author Artie Bennett at Watchung Booksellers.  I didn’t want to undo all the good work that the school had done (we often use “poopie” at home).

I was glad to discover, then, that the book is actually a silly, fun, and educational collection of poop around the animal kingdom.  Not only do children learn that monkey dung is sometimes flung, but my favorite line educated me: “Guano is an Incan word for poop of bat or ocean bird.”  I didn’t know it was Incan; I thought it was Spanish!  The book also talks about useful roles of poop. Homes are built of it, it is used for cooking fires, and cow pies are thrown in contests (hopefully my kids won’t pay attention to that section…).

All in all, the book is very cute, and the illustrations by Mike Moran add to the words in clever and entertaining ways.  And if you want more books about sometimes off-limits topics, Artie Bennett also has The Butt Book – which is about, well, Butts. I can’t wait to see what’s next…


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3 Responses to Poopendous Reading at Watchung Booksellers

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    I bet that your kids absolutely loved it! Since we are on the subject of poo, have they read The story of the little Mole who knew that it was none of his business?

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