Glad I Saw It: Spring Gnome

It’s no secret that I love a good garden gnome. I think they add spunk and joy and color and just plain old fun to the dreariest of gardens.  That’s why I have one where we had to take down a tree a year ago.  A memorial of sorts.

This guy hangs out, half-way hidden, on the side of a front garden that is just on the verge of bursting into full springtime growth. I almost missed him the first time I passed this house, but now I can’t help but notice his daisy-topped hat.

I love that these folks have made full use of their front yard with plantings as well as a raised vegetable garden.  This makes the second spring that I’ve promised I’m going to plant lots of veggies.  Really, really I will.


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8 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Spring Gnome

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    I just love this post! It really made me smile 🙂 thank you!

  2. Now see, if you don’t stop to look around and smell the roses, you would have missed this Gnome. I always smile when I see lawn or garden items like that. Makes me think that fun people live there!~

  3. Love gnomes. They remind me of my grandmother’s house and I loved looking at that picture playing ‘find the gnome’. 🙂

  4. kvetchmom says:

    But do you have a gnome?

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