Glad I Saw It: Big Metal Birds

NOT named Beyonce, but pretty darn cool.

This weekend, my family took advantage of the lovely weather to stroll around Montclair Center and freak out shop owners with our two preschoolers.  We really kept fairly good control of them, but I’d be afraid of two kiddos if I owned a shop with lots of breakables.  One shop owner dealt with it by just leaning back and closing her eyes.  Maybe it was just siesta time?

Anyway, after veggie burgers and hamburgers at Elevation Burger, we stopped in to Trend to split a brownie, and then we wandered over to the corner of Glenridge and Bloomfield Avenues, and were all a-flutter by the displays at Jerry’s Antiques and Estates.  Can you blame us?

A seagull nod to my husband's Maine upbringing.

How cool are these birds?  The giant metal chicken (given extra attention thanks to The Bloggess) was too pricey to consider at $295.  It’s quite the specimen, however.  But the seagull, and my favorite, the rainbow flamingo, are both going for $95.  Still a luxurious purchase, but if I combine Mother’s Day with our Anniversary…maybe I can justify it?

My son named him "Feathery." We are literal folk.

Isn’t the flamingo cute?  Let’s file this under: Things I definitely don’t need but would like to put in my front yard to solidify my reputation as a goofball. 


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5 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Big Metal Birds

  1. These birds are a delight and I share your enthusiasm for them. Possibly a little gift for getting through the bathroom construction?

  2. Lottie Nevin says:

    I love these birds too, I am a sucker for anything like that! Hope you dropped so many hints that a rainbow flamingo will be coming to live with you soon. Every home should have one!

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