Glad I Saw It: First Lemonade Stand of Spring

After picking up my kids from preschool, I saw several girls enthusiastically waving and holding a sign. It was the first lemonade stand I’d seen this season, so I pulled over.  What  a treat for my preschoolers!

They said it was “Pay as you wish,” so I gave them $1 a cup. Does that sound about right? Considering that they are planning on donating the profits to cancer, I thought it might be a little stingy.  They seemed quite pleased, however.

Get ready for lemonade season – it’s already here!


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8 Responses to Glad I Saw It: First Lemonade Stand of Spring

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Cute! The ‘Sweet Shop’ is open in our neighborhood now. A group of kids have a table set up at the entrance of the subdivision and in front of one of the houses. Their enthusiasm is a wonderful sight.

  2. Kerstin says:

    That’s awesome!
    On one of our camping trips last year we had our motorhome parked next to a family with two kids and they had a lemonade stand going for the whole campground. That was pretty cute. And tasty 😉

  3. Jen DZ says:

    I love that they are raising money for cancer, that’s a big deal for kids! And, I think I say “we’ll see…” quite a lot to my kids…it happened many times today already! But Chocolate Lemonade? That’s brilliant! And, maybe you could pull it off! Best of luck to you! 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    i am usually not so excited to see a local lemonade stand (though it’s nice the one you went to was a charitable endeavor) but i would totally stop by a chocolate lemonade stand!

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