Glad I Saw It: Traveling Chai

We don’t do the ice cream truck thing unless it’s a true kids-freaking-out-and-I-must-stay-sane emergency.  But Mama sure does like some chai. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to send the kids into Edgemont Park’s All Children’s Playground while I took advantage of the offerings from The Chai Cycle, run by the owners of Yogic Chai.

It was good. It was really good.  I guess that’s why they won big at the North American Tea Championship.

And who knew the Chai Cycle has a Twitter account? Not I. At least not until I looked it up.  Now I know. As of this post, they have all of 13 followers, including me.  Add yourself in there if you do the Twitter thing and want to know where the Chai Cycle is heading next.


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5 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Traveling Chai

  1. Love this guy’s tea! Must follow up twitter as not seen him around for ages.

  2. I want them to ride around my subdivision. Come to SC!!

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