Glad I Saw It: Sax in the Park

Friday afternoon, my kids and I walked to Brookdale Park for a picnic and playtime. And in the gazebo we were greeted by saxophone playing! Jamel plays at various open mic venues around the area. He told me he also plays with Jerry’s GerryJam, but my kids started running off so I couldn’t find out if that was a place or a band!  Anyone know?

*In fact, someone knew! Raymond Helfrich pointed out that Jamel plays regularly at Studio 12 on Church Street and at Trend Café on Bloomfield Avenue.

This afternoon reminded me how great this area is, and it also reminded me of another great area.  Maybe the more things change the more they really do stay the same.


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8 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Sax in the Park

  1. I’ve seen Jamel many times, practicing around town in parks & parking lots, and at the open mics at Studio 12 (12 Church St., upstairs at Tapastry Restaurant, on Wednesday nights) and at Trend Café (on Bloomfield Avenue, across the alley to the Glen Ridge Ave. parking lot, from Diamond Cycle) on Thursday nights. He’s a very nice guy.

    Here’s one of my photos of Jamel & Gerry (another very nice guy), and you can see more of my photos, of many other of the open mic performers at Trend Café, too.

  2. You might have to ‘friend’ the M.C., Joann Smalls, first?

  3. German I Herrera says:

    Thanks so much, Jamel is one of the nicest people ive met..we got together about a year or so and he embelishes my songs so well we formed a band called GerryJam…we started at Ridgewood coffe Company and are moving around to restaurants and coffee shops. we play on thurdays at Trend Coffee house in montclair..please sopt by and share some coffe and tunes with us ..Gerry Herrera

  4. Mi nuevo correo es rosalbasalazarll a hot mail punto com gracias primo aunque esta en ingles….saludos y besos para ti y tia.

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