A Month Early, Magnolias Welcome Spring to Montclair

A year ago the magnolias were in full bloom on April 21st. This year, it’s a full month earlier.  Gorgeous, but almost menacingly so.

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This tree lost two large limbs and several smaller branches in the October snowstorm.  We were worried it wouldn’t produce its blossoms with the same Oomph.  It definitely looks less full, but the blossoms it has given us are glorious.


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9 Responses to A Month Early, Magnolias Welcome Spring to Montclair

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Very pretty. I see those blooming here, too. Though white magnolias are more prominent here, in GA. The white magnolia trees make excellent climbing trees, too.

  2. Beautiful! Although uncannily early!

  3. Lottie Nevin says:

    I love magnolias and these are such stunning photographs! How strange that it’s blossoming a month earlier? There seem to be quite a few weird things happening in nature at the moment.
    Enjoy your beautifull blooms and the early spring! 🙂

  4. Siobhan Morello says:

    Just yesterday, I regretted not taking any pictures of its blooms this year. Thanks for taking care of that. When they were infants, we used to hold the kids up, airplane-style, and snap their pictures against its pink blossoms. As they got older, we’d worry from below as they became braver, higher climbers. Even damaged as it is now, I only see its beauty.

    • I definitely feel lucky to live next to it. It’s amazing how much depth the tree lost in October, but it’s still gorgeous. If you want photos but can’t drag them from the page, let me know. I’ll send them.

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