Glad I Saw It: Windows on Walnut

Update below!

I’ve been a naughty, naughty blog-keeper this last week.  Almost an entire week without a new post! I say “naughty” when I mean lazy, of course.  But naughty sounds more fun and upbeat than lazy does.  And I intend to be more fun and upbeat…starting now: Santa in Fishing Gear! ——>

One of the problems with completing blog posts for which I don’t get paid is the weather. It’s been so freaking gorgeous that I have to get outside.  And that’s exactly what I did on one of those 50-something days last week.  A friend and I walked to HLS on Bloomfield, and on our way we made some fantastic discoveries.  While there has been a lot of buzz over stores coming and going in other commercial areas, but Walnut Street is doing its own Hokey-Pokey with stores as well.

First, there is a new coffee place called Red Eye Cafe coming to the space The Chocolate Path recently left. The sign says: Food – Coffee – Comfort.  Chances are it will be similar to the now absent Cafe Eclectic since its owner will be the same person: Anthony Brinton.

Now, my first response was: No one gets in the way of Gina’s! But then again, Gina’s is busy, busy, busy for commuters in the AM, and it doesn’t set itself up to be a sit-and-relax joint despite its WiFi.  So maybe there is plenty of room for more of a true Coffee Shop.  I know I’m looking forward to trying it.  And my friend, who lives close-by, is excited to have another choice for coffee and comfort.

Another place I noticed for the first time was next door to the upcoming Red Eye Cafe. Generation Green is now hosting a consignment boutique.  Calling it recycled clothing, they are looking for consignors and provide phone numbers and an email address for more information.  (See below.) There was a sparkly, red-carpet worthy clutch in the window, and the items inside looked worth a look-see.  

For more info, call: (973) 405-5019. Or email:

UPDATE: I just passed by Walnut again, and noticed this:

Le Salbuen, which the owners hope to open in April, will be an eatery with European decor and a combination of foods from chefs: John David and Christina Salierno.

I was worried about all the empty storefronts, but it seems that there are people which far more chutzpah and know-how than I in these here parts.  I can’t wait to take advantage of their hard work!


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6 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Windows on Walnut

  1. kvetchmom says:

    I’m glad you’re back!! And now, to get ahold of that Santa…

  2. Yay a new post, but not a blogaversary one (Boo!). I guess Santa has some time for some R&R now that his busy season is over….I guess fishing is a good way to occupy his time…

  3. Anna says:

    looking forward to grabbing a coffee with you at the red eye!

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