Editorializing on the Front Page

Wow.  If there was ever any doubt that a picture really does speak a thousand words, it’s gone now.

Ouch.  While it’s a bit ironic that The Star Ledger would comment on other news (and I use the term lightly when referring to Entertainment Tonight) outlets staking out the funeral for New Jersey’s Whitney Houston when they were also there, it’s fair to say the photo they chose to run doesn’t speak well for the professional attitude of some reporters.  In my extremely humble opinion, reporters need to reflect the situation on which they report.  If you are covering a wedding, don’t walk around with a scowl. If you are covering a funeral or memorial site, wait until you’re a bit farther away before guffawing.


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One Response to Editorializing on the Front Page

  1. farrah says:

    Ugh. This is terrible. How close is this to you? Is it hindering your getting around town?

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