Don’t Give Up. Ever. Unless You’re a Stalker or Planning Something Along Those Lines.

I found this sentiment in a Facebook group called Good News, Good Deeds.  It’s a lovely, uplifting, non-religious (as far as I can tell), Do Unto Others group,  and I really enjoy perusing the positivity.  But sometimes my darker side gets there first and my reactions to some of the items posted take a sarcastic or just plain negative turn.

This is one example:

My mind immediately went to stalkers.  And people with bad intentions.  And people who don’t alter course when they know they are hurting someone else.  Should they keep fighting for what they want, no matter how hopeless it seems? Because I’ll bet that those with off-kilter sensibilities are more likely to take this to heart.

So I’m asking you all (all five – 5! – of you) to tell me how this quotation could help you.  Or to share positive stories about how this encouraged someone about to withdraw an application to college, or someone about to grab another cigarette, or someone about to just throw in the towel on their dreams (non-threatening to unsuspecting folks dreams).  Because I want to be a full-fledged member of the Good News types.  I want to believe that situations like in Ivy locker rooms, California elementary schools, Washington homes, and Homs, Syria can fade as more of us don’t give up on doing good.


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9 Responses to Don’t Give Up. Ever. Unless You’re a Stalker or Planning Something Along Those Lines.

  1. Eloiza says:

    one of the things i love about you is your honesty and dry wit…
    it’s good to give up sometimes. a marriage that makes you miserable or a job that sucks the life out of you…
    that said, i find this quotation helpful as a reminder not to give up when things go wrong. or not take smaller defeats and setbacks as a sign that i’m FINISHED. it’s a reminder to get back in touch with my good intentions, the reason why i’ve committed in the first place. and if those values still resonate with me then it is worth “one more shot”

  2. Anna says:

    sorry, i am now too thinking of the when you should give up, instead of sharing an uplifting tale of not giving up.

    i’ve always been moved by an article i read years ago that (as a general statement) scientists and academics you give up projects that aren’t going well (usually) are much more successful than those who

    in an unrelated note, i think your readers may be largely cynics! or quitters!

  3. This can also be used in a negative way when talking about war. Sometimes it’s better to give up, but we only realize it in retrospect.
    Have you ever tried to get someone to fall in love with you? If he/she doesn’t feel the same and you still keep trying and never give up, you are called a stalker.
    I’ve now come full circle with your post.

  4. Rachel says:

    My girl crush on you just grows and grows! 🙂 Seriously, this one made me laugh because I think those same things whenever I read such quotes. I’ve been getting that way more and more the older I get. Is it a good thing? Pragmatism? Or Cynicism? Whichever, it is I’m knee deep in it!

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