Glad I Saw It: Captive Audience

As we stopped in to The Pie Store for some chocolate mousse (Warning: you will not be able to stop eating it, and your children will watch in dismay as you lick the plate.), my daughter had to have her usual conversation with the animals in the window of The Montclair Music Studio.  I watched her explain to the animals that we were going to pick up a treat and they couldn’t have any because too much sugar is not healthy, and I thought I saw a glimmer of understanding in their eyes.  Or are they just enjoying the concert behind them?

Either way, it’s businesses that take the time to make their windows interesting that get those of us with kids through the day.  So, thank you Montclair Music Studio!


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Adjusting to car culture, dealing with leaving a career I loved, and spouting off along the way. #RESIST
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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Captive Audience

  1. Jennifer says:

    Next time please video your daughter talking to the animals! Sounds so darn cute! What do you think of Montclair? I think I know (other) people who live there.

    • I really like Montclair, warts and all. This blog started (coming up on a year!) as therapy because I was having a darn time adjusting to life away from Brooklyn. This is a pretty sweet place to land if I can’t be in the old BK.

  2. anna says:

    that story is awesome, and adorable. i always find it a little disconerting when the animals are not to scale, is it just me?

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