Super Bowl XLVI is Older Than I Am.

And that’s as far as my joy about the Big Game today goes.

My sisters are all about the Patriots. My husband is all about the Giants. (Well, not *all* about, but he’ll watch.) And my interest about the Superbowl’s big 4-6 ended when I voted in the Mommy Shorts Superbowl contest and giggled about spelling errors.

So, despite this photo from being an oldie but goodie, it sums up my Super Bowl enthusiasm.  Go Teams!

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5 Responses to Super Bowl XLVI is Older Than I Am.

  1. The best thing about the Super Bowl is the food. I’m all set to blow my diet. Woo hoo! Go teams!!

  2. Bowel? Bowel? HAHAHAHAHA!

    My husband had to leave on a business rip this afternoon; he’s a Giants fan and he only thing he was worried about was “What if my plane is late landing? What if I miss the kickoff?”
    Ah, life’s little problems!

  3. anna says:

    that is hilarious! even funnier than the misspelled cookies you found, which were also really funny.

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