Glad I Saw It: Typed Gratitude

It seems silly to thank someone for thanking you for thanking them. Keyword: seems.  But sometimes one of those seemingly superfluous “thanks” can really make someone’s day.  In this case, it was my day.

A friend of mine from the old neighborhood was the 50th person to join this weblog’s Facebook family.  The reward for that stunning accomplishment was a choice between a lightly read book (I think I sent her The Postmistress…) and chocolate from The Chocolate Path.  Strangely, she chose the book.  I guess I sold it to her pretty effectively.

Anyway, in the package I included a New Year’s Card (since I never manage to get holiday cards out on time) and a note thanking her for taking the time to like the page.  Just this week, I received back the coolest Thank You for Thanking Me card ever.

Her husband had picked up an old Smith Corona typewriter at Housing Works, and she typed out (with handwritten annotations and punctuation) the note onto a vintage-looking card.  Seeing the type-written card brought me back to the earliest days of college and using the correction strips to erase errors and making sure to proofread three times before pulling the paper out of the machine.

In the note, she mentioned what fun it was to get a package.  “No one sends stuff anymore, ya know?” At least no one sends stuff anymore that doesn’t have an Amazon or Zappo’s middleman.*  Somehow, it’s just that much more special to take the time to touch and hold and make a mark on an actual card.

Don’t you agree?

* Actually, at least one person does.  If you want to start writing more letters in a more tactile manner, check out this blog and take the challenge.

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13 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Typed Gratitude

  1. I agree! Love real correspondence.That is ironic that you got this wonderful letter as a result of someone liking something on Facebook. To me the Facebook Like is too easy, quick and passive….I’m guilty of doing it though!

    • I like that it’s a backwards progression from Blog to Facebook to Package to Card. I think the Facebook “likes” are too easy sometimes, but you can always give them out sparingly. Even if you’re the only one who knows it’s precious and not wanton!

  2. Debra says:

    I love getting mail – real mail, not bills, catalogs or advertisements – but cards & letters. For every holiday – even Groundhog Day, I always mail our entire family little cards and sometimes with photos of the kids or drawings they’ve done inside. I’ve been told by many family members that they look forward to them….the downside, no one sends my kiddies – so I make them extra special handmade one from mom!

    As an aside, did you see earlier this week the story about NYC putting out bids for typewriters?

  3. Farrah says:

    This is so awesome. I find it a shame that my guys will never know the joys of typing out something on a real typewriter and hear that clickety-clack or hear the hummmmmm when it is turned on. I love handwritten notes/etc. I have saved all of the letters and cards my grandmother has ever sent me- and I wouldn’t trade them for an email or FB message in a billion years.

    • I remember when email first became ubiquitous people used to say we’d all print out “important” emails. And people used to send emails on fancy eStationery. There is something lost, I think. We take more time to write things out – or even use salutations – when sending something. And besides that, I really like stopping in to the post office to get stamps. It’s still a great deal – even when it becomes 45 cents!

  4. Come to think of it, I haven’t gotten anything beyond an e-card in months. I never thought I’d miss receiving stuff, but now that only bills clutter my mailbox, I do.

  5. anna says:

    just seeing that type font reminds me of the letters i used to get from my grandparents when i was a kid. seems like so long ago….

  6. Rachel says:

    I have a dear friend that regularly sends me “real” mail. I can’t express how special it makes me feel or how in awe I am of her for it. Someday I will do the same for another – in this age it has become a distinct form of service.

    • Totally agree. I have another fun letter from a friend who did a “letter a day” for February. You’ll see though, it’s more like an amusement park than a letter. I loved it! (Some of us like to send packages more than letters. :))

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