Glad I Saw It: Best Collection of Stuff – Ever.

I’m not really sure what’s going on with the house at which I saw these items.  Frankly, I thought it was a funky shop with the most fantastic collection of lawn ornaments and lighting I’d ever seen.  I walked around the porch, checking out the outdoor museum of sorts, having a grand old-time.  But when I got around to the front door again, it opened and in the midst of a three-minute-conversation in Spanish, I discovered this was a home.  I apologized and asked if it was okay that I took photos of the porch decorations, and then went on my way.

I just love it!  There are a few other houses that have pretty amazing collections on display, like this one – and this one.  But if these dwellers get to the point of actually arranging their collection, I think it will take the cake and the entire cookie tray.  Awesome!

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1 Response to Glad I Saw It: Best Collection of Stuff – Ever.

  1. What fun! I wouldn’t mind a closer look at these decorations. (must find house)!

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