Fair-Trade Gifts at Terra Cafe

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the Chai Latte at Terra Cafe  (housed on the first floor of the Montclair Library’s main location) is the best I’ve tasted.  Anywhere.  They don’t use a mix for their Chai, in fact, when I stopped in on Friday, I had to wait because a new pot needed to be brewed.  So worth the wait.

When I stopped in for a latte on Friday (that sounds a lot more decadent than it was), I took the opportunity during the wait to browse the Fair-Trade Holiday Sale going on at Terra Cafe.  I ended up buying a Nazar from Turkey and some gorgeous ornaments from Peru.  There are also beautiful woven bracelets and earrings of all shapes and sizes.  Another gift idea is a basket made up with products from the cafe.  Mmmmm…Coffee.  I looked at the funky wallets made from recycled materials and the decorative flowers shaped from paper, and I may have to return to take a second look.

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If you need a gift, whether it’s for the holidays or for a birthday or for yourself, this fair-trade sale is going on until the 24th.  And make sure to try their Chai, latte or otherwise.  Beautiful complimentary wrapping (with no green or red!) is available as well.

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2 Responses to Fair-Trade Gifts at Terra Cafe

  1. you already had me at chai latte (my favorite) but the gifts look fantastic, and i will admit to not being done shopping yet. and by not being done, i mean not being started.

  2. Let me know if you’re in the area, I’ll meet up. Always ready for chai latte. 🙂

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