Lazy Mom’s Guide to Holiday Decorating

This is the ultimate Lazy Mom’s guide because much of this project happened while I was out of the house.  Yes, it’s true.  This project originated with the father of my two cherubs.  I came home from sweating my Saturday morning away at Zumba to see my children gluing together and coloring-in perfectly cut shapes and magazine cut-outs.  Don’t get too jealous; I know I’m lucky.

The shapes had to dry, and I was left to complete the new decorations. All three of my family members had chosen several pictures.  A baby orangutan was my husband’s choice, snowmen were my son’s, and the Rockettes with Santa were what my daughter chose.  I think I was given the candy cane. 

Here’s what you need: 1) Thin cardboard or box material. We used the separations from Chinese take-out, but wine bottle separators or show box tops could work nicely as well.  2) Some paper. We used construction paper, but anything that will hold crayon or colored pencil will do. 3) Glue. Stick or school glue. 4) Magazines with cool colors or pictures.  5) Needle and thread.

Instead of putting magazine pictures on both sides, my husband had the kids color in construction paper on one side.  My son drew the same picture on every ornament that he decorated: A cookie with the “yummy smell” rising from it.  I was kind of impressed.  Although I thought it looked like a steaming pile of something else.  But whatever.  Still a good concept.

And I’m glad that my much-more-thoughtful half mentioned using a needle and thread to make the holes for hangers.  I had already been trying to figure out how to get the sharp end of scissors through the cardboard.  Needle and thread works really well.

I’m sure someone more patient could manage to get pretty ribbon or colorful string through the cardboard to make it look much more polished.  But then this would not be Lazy Mom’s craft, would it?  Still, it’s what I suggest you do, even if I won’t.

What I especially like about this is that all the family members can choose whichever decoration they can find. It makes for very interesting choices sometimes.  We used family oriented magazines, and we were decorating a Christmas tree.  But teens could use music magazines or fashion or car magazines, and they could be used to decorate windows or doorknobs or teddy bears (which actually ended up happening in our house).  With the colder weather (and windy and rainy!) suddenly upon us – enjoy!

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7 Responses to Lazy Mom’s Guide to Holiday Decorating

  1. Christina says:

    Love it–this is awesome! I guess I have to wait another year to try it when H. can hold a needle instead of try to eat it.

  2. What a great idea, I love this for the kids to do….but I think I need a better class of magazines. All I have right now are Us, Star, People and In Touch. I don’t want a Kardashian on my tree staring at me….

  3. I love the ornaments! They are memories in the making!!
    When your kiddos are teens and twenty somethings, they’ll still be hanging ‘their ornaments’ on the tree.
    My kids decorate our tree every year, making sure they put “their” ornaments on first. I love to listen to the two of them as they decorate and reminisce!

  4. We do have some that I made from gift tags a few years ago…I just can’t let them go. The kids love them as well. I’m looking forward to the kids recognizing the ornaments that are truly theirs. Thanks for a glimpse into the future!

  5. these are so cool! i love lazy mom tips!

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