Glad I Saw It: Safety Mirror Two-Ways

For a while, the house at the end of our block had a cracked “help me get out of my driveway safely” mirror.  My kids loved to jump around in front of it – amazed by the multiple self-images they saw.  They were just as excited when they saw that it had been replaced; now they could see their true reflections jumping around and dancing.  This photo is from one of the first days we noticed the new mirror.  They insisted on photo documentation.

Just last night, we walked to the end of the block to check out the “Gingerbread House” that has lights all around its roof and garden.  On the way back, the kids were wild about what they saw.  It’s amazing how easy it is to find joy sometimes.


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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Safety Mirror Two-Ways

  1. Neat pics! Kids get excited about the best things.

  2. I love that our kids (even mine at their ages) point out some of the coolest details we might miss!

  3. that’s great! but more importantly, when did u get an extra kid?

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