Baked, not Fried at Gina’s Bakery

I’m horrified to admit that yesterday was my first time at Gina’s Bakery.  I know, right?  Well, since we have house guests right now, all the coffee was gone – GONE – when I got to the pot in the morning.  And, having returned from the very late Montclair Board of Education meeting at midnight, I really needed some.  So, after dropping off  a turkey and the preschool’s food drive cans and boxes at the Human Needs Food Pantry, I stopped for some coffee at Gina’s on the way home.  First, they’ve got some strong, tasty cappuccino. And second, this is what I saw:

And really, that’s just mean. Right before Thanksgiving and with no coffee?  I’m sure you realize the dismal amount of willpower I was sporting yesterday morning.

But I resisted and just ordered my coffee (although I forgot to ask for skim milk…).  But then, my mother-in-law, who had helped me deliver the food, pointed out another tray of goodies.

What the heck are those oblong things?  I still don’t know (remember, I was without coffee and working on a few hours of sleep) despite the very nice counter person explaining it to me.  But I do remember that he told us that it was “baked, not fried.”  Good enough for me!  We ordered two, and agreed that we’d split one – because, you know, splitting makes it even more healthy.  And let me tell you – this oblong tubes of joy are GOOD.  And I use “good” in its most powerful form.  I strongly recommend that you get your skinny behind (today, everyone has a skinny behind) over to Gina’s to try one.  Go ahead and split it with someone if you want, but get one.  Gina’s has a cozy seating area, which I also didn’t know about, so I hope they’re ready for me and my kids to stop in once in a while.

Also, Gina’s has some amazing looking pies as well.  And while I’m a dedicated The Pie Store shopper for pies (and soups, actually!), you  might want to take a look at those too.


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5 Responses to Baked, not Fried at Gina’s Bakery

  1. Sarah Chaput says:

    Guess I know where I’ll be going next time I visit Montclair!

  2. How has it taken you this long to find Gina’s? We found it on a recce to Montclair before we even moved here! Best croissants in NJ. I LOVE the almond croissants and the jalapeno corn muffins are good too.

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