Lazy Mom’s Guide to the Perfect Party Piñata

So I recently had another Crazy-Sexy-Cool kiddie party in my home.  Well, it would have been Crazy-Sexy-Cool if Sexy were actually Chaotic and Cool meant something closer to Thrown Together.  The Crazy works as is.

Both of my kids are Autumn/Winter babies, so we’ve always had indoor get-togethers.  Being the less than formal person that I am, it’s never been that big a deal.  My philosophy is:  Food, relative Freedom, and Friends.  Let’s call it F-F-F.  You can’t go wrong.  I prefer casual parties and consumable favors.  Here was this year’s choice of a favor from Le Baker’s Dozen:

This year, because my daughter is now three, is probably the last year I can get away with not planning formal activities.  I just let the kids destroy the play-room, eat pizza, and run around for two hours.  The only activity I’ve planned for at-home parties is a piñata.  It’s something they anticipate, enjoy, and it’s a built-in set of treats.  This year I filled it with mini-raisin boxes, tattoos, plastic bugs, fairy erasers, and dum-dums.  Not too bad, right?

The one complication was that I hadn’t realized how fast October moves, and when the day of the party came, I didn’t yet have the piñata.  Not normally a problem, since Party City is full of them, but the type of piñata made it just a little difficult.

You see, I had made the fatal error of asking my almost three-year-old which piñata she wanted.  Never ever do that.  Always surprise the child.  That way, if you can’t find the one that you think she’d most want, you get the next best thing and the birthday child is none the wiser – and just as happy.  Anyway, I asked, and she answered.

First, she wanted an Iridessa piñata.  Thankfully, I quickly calculated the chances that Party City would have Disney Fairy piñatas – and particularly an Iridessa one – and asked what else she might want if I couldn’t find that one.  That’s when my cherub fixated on a unicorn.  Cool, I thought.  Unicorns are generic enough and popular enough that it’s a sure thing.  And it was.  Party City had a unicorn piñata.  But it wasn’t the pull string version.

No way were a bunch of pre-schoolers swinging around a  stick and smashing open a unicorn in my living room.  So I looked for a pull string unicorn, but no luck.  There was, however, a pink My Little Pony pull-string piñata – close enough. (And did you know about Brony culture? It’s real! How fun is that?)

With two hours before the party, and all the food still to set-up and order (Thanks, Mr. Dino’s!), I was going to make a unicorn out of a pink pony.  It was really easy – and so much better than explaining that the unicorn’s horn hadn’t grown in yet.  Or worse, that it had fallen off in a street fight.

First, admire your choice of pony.  Take a look at its forehead and choose where the horn will appear.

Next, collect your materials. In this case, it was tinfoil, cardboard, packing tape and regular tape.

Then get to it.  I made the horn larger than I wanted so I could adjust its height. I tried it out in a few different forehead placements until I found where the tape would be most disguised.  Just like a trying to hide a facelift, you want to work with the hairline. Luckily, this pony had a nice thick-set of bangs.

Then I taped that horn on, covered it in tinfoil, and then taped it some more.  Unfortunately, I didn’t use shiny tape, so I stuck some extra tinfoil over the tape to hide the less-than-shiny patches.

Doesn’t the pony look happy to be a unicorn in disguise?  And this pseudo-homemade version of My Little Unicorn was such a hit that it now graces the birthday girl’s room and watches over her as she sleeps.  Not bad for a rushed, make-shift piñata.

So, while you can’t always get what you want, you sure can fake it well enough to fool a bunch of pre-schoolers who are high on pizza, chocolate milk, and cupcakes.


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2 Responses to Lazy Mom’s Guide to the Perfect Party Piñata

  1. i heart everything about this post – incl. and esp. the reference to brony culture. i don’t know if this is annoying/useless info since the party is past, but it is really easy to turn any standard pinata into a pull-string pinata.

    • I thought about doing that – and I’d like to hear how to do it without disemboweling the subject – but I was worried about my time constraints at the time. I figured adding a phallic head piece was less difficult than giving the pony unicorn a tummy-tuck.

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