Glad I Saw It: Fresh Bagels

My go-to bagel place is Hot Bagels Abroad on Broad Street and Watchung Avenue in Bloomfield.  The people who work there are incredibly friendly, the clientele is laid-back and entertaining, and the bagels are so fresh and perfect.  I also like that I can gaze at the bagels as they travel around and around in their oven.  Mmmmmm.  Steamy.

Sunday morning my friend Mical and I stopped by Hot Bagels Abroad for some bagels, cream cheese, a box of coffee, and a Black Russian bagel with whitefish. Everything (except for the Black Russian with whitefish) was for the Occupy the Highway marchers.  We met up with them in Bristol, PA at a Quaker Meetinghouse, and the bagels were much appreciated.  You can check on their progress here, if you wish.  They are spending today at Occupy Philly, and then continuing on to DC.  They hope to arrive in time for the “Super Committee” to announce their budget.

 This photo is a before picture of preparing the bagels.  Is it really gross that I think they still look amazing raw?


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