Glad I Saw It: Literary T-Shirts

My daughter and I stopped in to Watchung Booksellers to pick up some birthday presents on Wednesday, and that’s when I saw these t-shirts.  My high school English teacher heart did a somersault, and I think I may have squealed just a little.

The shirts are from a company called “Out of Print,” and they feature covers from different literary and non-fiction works.  The designs couldn’t be more excellent.  Catch-22, Invisible Man (Ellison, not Wells), Origin of the Species, and Fahrenheit 451 were some of my favorites.  There are a dozen or so other works of wearable books in mainly men’s sizes small and large, but Margot Sage-El, one of the owners at Watchung Booksellers, told me that they could order specific sizes and designs for interested customers.

It may just be the perfect gift for someone who thinks she doesn’t need anything.  The tags read $24.95, and for that price (a few dollars under the price on the Out of Print website!) you also get a cute tag made from a library check-out card.  Don’t forget that Watchung Booksellers provides free wrapping, and you can always get a gift card to let your loved one choose his own literary t-shirt.


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6 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Literary T-Shirts

  1. Ed says:

    Those would make great gifts. And I might have to pick up the “On the Road” one for myself! Will add Watching Booksellers to my “Shop From Local Independent Stores Only” list for the holidays this year.

  2. How cool! I think my nephew may like one of these for Christmas. Thanks for the heads up! #CommentDay

  3. Emily says:

    Of course OF COURSE Adam had already heard of these shirts, but I hadn’t, so thanks for sharing. I totally would have loved to rock one of those in college. And, um, I still would. I wonder if one of Adam’s covers will ever be on a t-shirt. Have you seen his latest Bradbury’s? Sorry to toot his own horn, but they’re pretty awesome.

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