Lazy Mom’s Guide to Hallowe’en Costumes

What to do when you’ve promised your kid that you’d make him wings for his hand-me-down Buzz Lightyear costume,  but a snowstorm keeps you from getting out for supplies?

If you’re a Lazy Mom who doesn’t want to get messy with paint, you manage to convince your Buzz-loving-son that a jet pack would be a better idea in case of too much wind.  It turned out pretty well, and it only took about an hour or so.

We scrounged around and got a glue stick, the last of the construction paper, a cardboard box, packing tape, and some of a used-on-one-side paper roll.  And then we went at it.  The one trouble spot was figuring out how to attach the jet-pack (oops!), but I think it worked out well also.

Make sure to have a photo of what you want to do.

We took a small box and "wrapped it like a present."

We agreed on compromises about colors of buttons and lights (I really wanted to avoid paint!).

I hadn't quite figured out how to attach it (velcro, double-sided tape?), but a strong ribbon with a key attached worked well. (We'll see if this survives trick-or-treating.)

I used a lot of clear packing tape to secure the keys and attach the (folded) wings.

And there you have it. Buzz with a jetpack. Buzz was very excited about it. Thankfully, Buzz is secure enough to not mind that his ribbon attachment has teal polka dots on it.

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3 Responses to Lazy Mom’s Guide to Hallowe’en Costumes

  1. Jorge says:

    impressive. To infinity and BEYOND!

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