Glad I Saw It: The Real Deal

A while ago I noticed a face on a tree, but now I’ve seen the real thing.  On the way home through Brookdale Park the other day, my kids and I met a real Ent.  We ended up gazing up at him for a while, and my pre-schoolers tried to converse with him – with no luck.

Mustache and a Unibrow.

I told them that trees sleep during most of the day.  Unless there is a dire situation, then they talk to each other.

The kids looked around for his friends, but we didn’t find another tree with a real face.

We couldn't decide if he was sticking out his tongue or if he just had a small mouth.

There were a couple of eyes and lots of knots that could have been noses, but nothing really believable.  Still, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more.   So please, if you see an Ent around town – a real one – please let us know!


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One Response to Glad I Saw It: The Real Deal

  1. so cool! i have taught my kids to always give hugs to trees. it was one of our favorite nyc pasttimes, but out here in the suburbs, we don’t do it nearly as much.

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