Glad I Saw It: All Kinds of Terror

This house was so great last year.  They decorate like this each Hallowe’en!  They were also super friendly when we begged (threatened them?) for candy.  This is just a small detail of the house’s decorations.  I love how the reflection in the door is one of the most frightening parts of this photo!

Ironically, I featured this house early on in another Glad I Saw It.  Very different vibe, but just as cool.



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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: All Kinds of Terror

  1. And the photo doesn’t include the haunted walkway and life-sized Death Ghost over the porch. At night it’s even better.

  2. georgettegilmore says:

    Too scary! Where is it, so I know not to go near there?

  3. It’s on Grove, but it’s also behind a hedge. You can easily avert your eyes if needed. 🙂

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