Glad I Saw It: Middle-Age Cheese

I disagree with this offering from The Pat Gail Gallery.  Age matters with wine, too.  And believe me when I say it matters with houses.  Charm = repairs.  Still, I love when a business has a sense of humor.  And this place definitely has one.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t care much about getting older.  When I was 26 I was carded to get into a rated R movie – what?!  I’m almost at my favorite number – 43; just a little over a year to go.  Maybe after that I’ll start caring about inching towards middle-age.  When does that start again? Perhaps this self-described “Middle Age Mom” can help answer that.


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8 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Middle-Age Cheese

  1. charlywalker says:

    I don’t get the term Middle age..what is it in the Middle of…who determined where the Middle is…
    Love the sign! Two of my favorite combos..cheese & Wine…

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  3. I’ve seen this cheese quote before and I’m with you, age matters for a whole lot of things!
    I don’t mind getting older either. I even kind of like the term ‘middle age’. It puts me in mind of ‘Middle Earth’, and like Tolkien, I can make it what I want. Having just started ‘Middle Age’, I’m still optimistic.

  4. Well, thank you! I’m a middle-age(d) Mom and proud of it. I love my twenty- and late-teen kiddos. I’m tossing around ideas for my third act while I help make our Montclair, NJ town prettier. I am so happy to hang out with teens in our town, make places in our town more beautiful and read about the up and coming younger Moms who will “take my place.” I’m loving my middle age(d) life!

  5. You clearly know how to work it, MAM. It’s all about attitude and perception, I think. And thanks for helping to beautify our town.

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