Along Came a Spider…

I don’t know if everyone is inundated with spiders like we are, but it’s kind of insane.  We’ve found them upstairs and downstairs.  They are behind the mailbox, in the garage, on trees and plants, and anywhere two solid items are close enough to create a web.

Now, I love spiders.  Or, at least, I appreciate their role in the eco-verse.  I have also always loved Charlotte’s Web, so I’m utterly biased as it is.  Even so, we’ve had to have a few clearing out of the cobweb sessions – in the kids’ outdoor trucks and water table and slide and play-grill, for instance  – that have surely ruined a full day’s work if not some spider generations.  I leave the spider webs that appear on the bushes and in the corners of the house and even those that turn up in more used sections of our patio. I figure that the good they do in catching those horrible tiger mosquitoes and other pests is worth the minor inconvenience of having to walk the other way around to get to our gate.

Still, when I looked up from washing dishes and saw this spider, I was taken aback by its size.  Its body is about the size of a nickel.  Not SO big, but not small either.

And when I used the flash to take another photo and saw interesting markings and stripes and hairs and pincers, I was just a little worried.  Is this a spider that would creep inside to chomp on my children’s legs at night?  Is it poisonous?  Would it give us permanent nightmare fodder until the kids go off to adulthood – and beyond?  What do you think?  And is it just me, or is this spider missing a leg?  Is it a mutant spider – with special powers?  Would it turn my children into superheroes?  And are they ready for that responsibility?

In the end, it’s outside, and it’s a quiet neighbor.  If it were inside, I’d definitely at least capture it and bring it outside.  But it’s already outside!  And besides,  this particular spider is not what gets me nervous.  What I’m worried about is when she has her hundreds of babies (remember Charlotte’s Web??), and then we’re surrounded!


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11 Responses to Along Came a Spider…

  1. Christina says:

    I think B & E are definitely ready to be superheroes.

  2. Maybe, but they’d also want Mickey Mouse or Dora band-aids on the spider bite. 😉

  3. Jeff Bogert says:

    We had a couple of those camping out down here a few years back.

  4. We haven’t had the pleasure (yet, at least) of THAT kind of spider at our house, BUT we have many, many spiders this fall spinning away. I’min awe of some of the web designs, and,like you, will go out of my way to preserve one.

  5. we’ve had some incredible spiders here, incl. one outside our front window that we inspect daily to see her (his?) catch. will be sad when she (he?) moves along.

    also, do you ever read magpie musing? she has a great spiderweb photo:

  6. magpiemusing says:

    Ah, there’s your spider. (I was going to reply by email, but I couldn’t find your email.)

    We had a spider once that was right near our charcoal grill. Every night, my husband would grill, he’d catch bugs and toss them to the spider. It was like his pet. Eventually, it got too cold, and who knows what happened…

    • The last two nights have been cold, and I thought perhaps the spider was done. But no, she had only pulled in her seven legs to avoid losing whatever heat she had. She’s just as active, which is to say hardly at all.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  7. Mel says:

    We have had a lot of spiders around our house too…thankfully on the outside and not the inside. We have one that comes out every night and builds her web on our front porch. My daughter gave her the name Bubbles! It’s funny that I read this post because I have a draft about Bubbles ready to go up on my blog. As long as they stay outside I’m good, but they are not welcome inside!

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