Glad I Saw It: Ice Stairs

I went to Dai Kichi for the first time on Friday night (did you know that the bathroom is the perfect place to eavesdrop on conversations?), and because I rarely get out after dark these days – nay, years – it was the first time I noticed these:

It reminded me of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, or maybe the entrance to a Swedish restaurant in Manhattan that went bust years ago.  Can’t remember the name now.  Still, between these stairs and the well-lit room upstairs, we had to go up and check it out.

Upstairs, (which I was confused about for about a minute due to only knowing about Upstairs at Tierney’s), is new-ish.  We peeked at the front room (My more stylish than I friend said it wasn’t dark enough; I liked the lighting.), peeked at the menu, and peeked at the back room (darker, more romantic).  My husband decided that we’d have to return soon to try it out.  My stylish, Manhattan buddy said to let him know how it turned out.  Here’s another response to it from Little Lady, Big Appetite.


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3 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Ice Stairs

  1. Crazy disco stairs or what. Did you eat there?

  2. Coooool! (Lame pun intended.) I ❤ Japanese. How was the food?
    I feel like many years ago I was in some NYC restaurant that has the same stairs…

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