Obligatory Hurricane Irene Posting

My husband and I have very different styles when it comes to emergencies like a hurricane.  I am a tortoise, and he is a hare.  And as much as our styles may not jive during the emergency, we end up being pretty well prepared for whatever comes our way.  I methodically purchase batteries, craft items for the kids, water (and yes, I filter and jug our own water too, but it’s not as easy to grab), and snack items.  I didn’t buy a first aid kit, but don’t tell my husband. We have band-aids, Bacitracin, and gauze.  Right?

He walks briskly around the house checking gutters, arranges items in the basement to make it easier to squeegee the water, moves every single moveable item in the backyard to the garage, considers putting concrete blocks in front of the garage doors (until he sees my glare), makes a list of things to turn off in case we lose power and flood so badly that the electrical outlets are compromised, and asks for baked ziti with meatballs from Nauna’s as comfort food.

Another juxtaposition: He moves the car to a semi-sheltered location between our house and the neighbor’s house.  I move potted plants down to the flower-beds from the steps – and then he moves them farther from the house to the back corner of the yard.

Here are the things we both worry about equally:

1. The sump pump started working at 5:30 PM on Saturday.  That is really early to have to begin, don’t you think?  We’re expecting water.

2.  Trees and tree branches falling.  The garage has already had a few drop onto it since we’ve moved in.  And it would be nice not to have to deal with having no car at all while ours gets a make-over.  But it’s this tree, which aims straight for my son’s room, that we really give thought to –>

3. How the kids will react.  Although, one is excited about using a sleeping bag on our bedroom floor.  The other one decided to fall asleep under the dining room table.  We didn’t know where she had gone for a few minutes.  Her brother found her.

Personally, I also worry about how the Bunny Scarecrow will fare during this storm.  Here’s how she looked this afternoon.


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5 Responses to Obligatory Hurricane Irene Posting

  1. Sounds like you folks are prepared. I love the comparison between you and your husband. My husband is sooooo relaxed about the whole thing, while I’m prepping like mad. Then I ‘caught’ him outside late this evening making sure things really were tucked away.
    Fingers crossed for no water inside our homes! And electricity. Let’s pray we have electricity!

  2. I love that bunny. Hope everyone is safe tonight. I’m worried about a huge oak we have too.

  3. Carla says:

    Kristin, your posts always make me smile… even if they are about a natural catastrophe

  4. I hope you made it through the storm okay. Your daughter is adorable under the table. My kids say they were never frightened over the years when we had hurricanes. They thought it was fun! My husband and I always acted as if it was an adventure and the kids picked up on that. Luckily, we’ve never had any extreme damage although we’ve had times where we had days and days without electricity.

  5. i love the tortise and hare analogy, my husband and i are like the grasshopper and the ant… only we’re both grasshoppers which doesn’t work so great.

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