Favorite Houses: Hobbit House

I know there is a technical term for this type of architecture, but I prefer mine.  (And it’s already clear that I’m a Tolkien fan.) When we were first looking at houses, we drove past this one a few times on our way to meet our realtor.  It’s an example of how Montclair isn’t the type of suburb featured in Edward Scissorhands’ opening scene.  I day-dreamed about making this Hobbit Alcove into a reading nook with a window seat, a built-in bookshelf, and a stand for a teacup and plate of shortbread cookies.  I guess I’m still kind of day-dreaming about it.

The house also has a porch, which is the only other part of a house I still crave…


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3 Responses to Favorite Houses: Hobbit House

  1. i love a hobbit house too. and a front porch. we have neither currently, but what we lack in charm we make up for in central air.

  2. i’m with you. when i grew up in the 1970s no one had central air. you sat in front of the wall unit and you liked it!

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