What Would You Do? (Sushi Delivery Edition)

It looks super-tasty...but it's not what I ordered. (The photo came out really well though, don't you think?)

So we got back from our Family Vacation Trip yesterday and our back yard was the postage-stamp-sized (well, maybe business-envelope-sized) version of a jungle.  We had been afraid that the heat and little rain would kill our half-way-there grass, but instead we came back to trees and weeds growing all over the lawn.  My husband, who had driven both legs from Maine and then Massachusetts, immediately settled in to weeding and re-seeding and mowing and watering for a solid three four hours while I slowly unpacked and entertained the kids and pondered how to avoid cooking dinner.  The solution came with a clever reward for both his work and my laziness:  Sushi!

We usually order from Nori for take-out, but the last couple of Spicy Mexican rolls have been disappointing, so I thought I’d go back to trying Toro.  I ordered my husband’s usual sushi choices, and I added on a Veggie Garden for me.  Now, the menu doesn’t list what’s in the Veggie Garden, but it is under “Vegetable Cut Roll” section, so I assumed it was all vegetables.  What we got was a nice assortment (the Mexican wasn’t any better than Nori’s) of yellowtail, tuna, eel, and what you see pictured above.  It’s the Garden State – tempura salmon and asparagus.  I didn’t notice the error until a good ten minutes after the delivery, and my go-to solution is just to deal with it (and pay the extra $3 in the price difference).  I wouldn’t suggest the Garden State, by the way.  Stick with the spicy tunas and yellowtail scallions.

I know the way to avoid this is to keep the delivery person there while I check the order, but does anyone actually do that?  What is the best way to deal with it?  Chalk it up to the payment for a luxurious privilege (which I do think Sushi delivery is), or let the restaurant know immediately?  I mean, are they really going to bring me a $6 roll, and do I want it 30 minutes after we’ve started eating?

What would you do?


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8 Responses to What Would You Do? (Sushi Delivery Edition)

  1. I never check when the food arrives and probably should as even though we don’t get take out often it happens a lot. Last time we ordered from Dai Kichi (best in sushi in town – my opinion) and were missing a miso soup.I called (I know it’s only $2.50 but wanted to let them know) and they said next time to remind them and they would give us an extra 2 for being so nice about it.
    That is a great photo.

    • It seems like everyone and their mother (really!) keeps telling me to try Dai Kichi. Why don’t I listen? Maybe because they don’t bother to comment on my blog? 😉 Next time, Dai Kichi!

  2. Well everyone but my mother, as she has an irrational aversion to sushi!

  3. i actually do check the food – cursory, but a check. i know it’s annoying for the delivery person, but a couple of times my kids orders have been missing or (heavens!) incorrect, and i’d do anything to avoid going through *that* again.

    my husband is an avowed non-checker, but as you know, we agree to disagree on many things…

    • You are so good. I think I’m going to start checking. I mean, I tip pretty well – I think. Another 45 seconds isn’t so bad, right? Of course, I can’t tell most sushi rolls apart.

  4. Rivki Locker says:

    I never bother checking my food but I don’t have too many aversions, so I always figure I’ll just eat whatever they gave me. The difference in price would bother me, though.

    • Thanks for the visit! As a lapsed vegetarian, I’d occasionally get things that I just didn’t eat – then I would call and ask for a replacement or refund. Now that I eat most seafood, sushi isn’t much of a problem.

      It’s funny – when I get take-out I’ll check. But when it’s delivery I don’t. Weird.

  5. Same thing happened to us in Berlin last week! I asked about the ingredients in the one unfamiliar roll and it came out with mock crab and roe—looked good but I don’t eat animals any more. I said something to the waitress and out came a replacement roll ohne Fisch.

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