Coolest Ever Storefront Display: Burgess Chemist

Now, I know, Home’s has an awesomely drool-worthy display of goods, Go Lightly’s is always unique and adorable and sustainable, Parcel’s looks stylish yet effortless, and Uptown 596’s makes you feel like you’ll be entering for a spa treatment, not a yummy meal.  But I get to peruse a few areas of Bloomfield every couple of weeks, and I’ve always wanted to get a closer look at Burgess Chemist’s front window.  It always looks so interesting from my drive-by glances.  Well, I took my grocery shopping partner to get a prescription filled this week, and that was my chance.

I just finished reading The Thirteenth Tale* for my book group (so mortified I was only half-way done for the actual group meeting!), and this storefront display seemed to fit perfectly with the mood I was in after the novel.  Love this place.  And the inside is seriously amazing as well.  I love my Grove Pharmacy and would never leave it, but this place is truly OG – whatever that means as applied to pharmacies.

* buy local!


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One Response to Coolest Ever Storefront Display: Burgess Chemist

  1. What a great storefront. I really do need to open my eyes around town a bit more.

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