Beads (and soon, Feathers) at Balonze

Balonze Barbershop, at 616 Valley (just south of Bellevue), is very child friendly.  After a year-long battle with my son to let me cut his hair with the buzzer that was perfectly fine until suddenly – one day – it wasn’t, I took him to Balonze in the hopes that the cute horsie chair and the promise of a lollipop would be enough to entice him to get his hair trimmed.  It wasn’t.  His sister sat patiently through a little trim, but even a “See?  She liked it and now she has a lollipop!” didn’t work.  So we left, and at about the A & P, he suddenly decided that YES!  He wanted a haircut and a lollipop.  Overly long story short, now we go to Balonze for our trims.

This past Saturday was a father/son hair trim day, and when the mother/daughter duo showed up to pick up our newly chic boys, the woman (who is very patient with scissors and children’s hair) asked my daughter if she would like beads in her hair.  Pink beads?  Oh yes!

Despite the fine texture of my daughter’s hair, they have now stayed in for two days.  I’m not getting those things out until they fall out.  She loves them.  Apparently, feathers are coming soon, too.  I asked how much they would usually charge for a full application of beads (this strand is about a half to a third of what was in the hairdresser’s hair), and I was told around $5 depending on which beads were used.  Also, with a haircut, they would be included.  Enjoy!


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3 Responses to Beads (and soon, Feathers) at Balonze

  1. My girls would love those beads. They need a haircut, Balonze here we come!

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