Glad I Saw It: Stone Thrones

No, I did not mean “Thrown Stones.”  In Montclair, we could use fewer of those.

Found these stone thrones on Church Street.  I have an idea that I’ve seen them before, perhaps in winter covered with snow.  Still, they were new enough (to me) that I photographed them.  I didn’t remove the cloth bag on one of them though.  I try to avoid touching items clearly left overnight.  I have a good reason; it’s a long story.

This artist, Elizabeth Smith Jacobs, has several pieces around town.  Some trash cans are adorned with lovely tiles, Bullock has planters, and of course there is this memorial bench in Rand Park.  If you’ve never taken the time to really look at this bench, do so.  It’s a wonderful memorial.

from the artist’s websiteAs we all worked together on the details, I became the vehicle that allowed the Anastasopoulus family to create this tangible object that embodied their grief and celebrated their beloved son. It has became clear that this is the kind of work I want to do. I feel honored to have been a small part of this healing process.


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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Stone Thrones

  1. Gosh! I remember reading about Tony and how he was hit by the train after he shoved his girlfriend, who had apparently frozen on the tracks, out of the way of the oncoming train. If you look under the train trestle on Valley Road you will see the long-time memorial to that young man. God bless him for his love and bravery.

    Some of the tiles you see around town were ‘dismantled’ from a project done at Mt Hebron Middle School and installed on trash cans around town so more folks could enjoy the artwork. I love seeing our students’ artwork in public spaces!

    • I first discovered the Tony bench on a walk to my house back from the Park Street YMCA (I was more ambitious and urban last year). I think my daughter and I must have spent a good 45 minutes resting there and reading the bench and talking about the baby feet on it. I hope the kids who relax on the bench during the school year appreciate the significance of the art.

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