Glad I Saw It: Starfire after the Montclair Parade

Purring outside on the street, this car called me over with its bold whitewalls.  I had to walk over to see it, but I’m not one to get in the middle of other people’s business.  Well, at least not overtly.  Okay, sometimes I do, but only in situations where I really do know better, if not best.  

Anyway, I actually had to tell my shy self to take a hike when I saw this car outside as I took in our recycling bins.  Gor-geous!  Now, I’m not what most people think of as a car person; I don’t know much about them.  My skills are limited to checking oil, pumping gas, and refilling the wiper fluid.  That said, I do love a beautiful, purring, freshly painted, classic car.  Incidently, I also very much enjoyed being able to ride in the brand new Smart City Coupé while in Spain in 1999, and riding along in one of the first Prius (the official car of Montclair?) models was pretty interesting, too.

But a Starfire is different.  A Starfire with classic paint job and seats and a pristine dash is certainly different.  Classic cars are just fun.  The huge Cadillacs and the Thunderbirds and Mustangs and the MG I *think* I  saw in the recent parade all make me happy just seeing them.  They don’t even need a perfect, authentic paint job – although that is appropriately, like icing on the cake.  The white wall tires, complete with matching band of color, finish it off.

It turns out this car carried Cary Africk, the 2nd Ward Councilman in this year’s Montclair Independence Day Parade.  So I had actually seen it before, but I was too preoccupied with what the kids were doing and how much candy was flying around to take a good look.

The owners were kind enough to let me take some photographs and just bask in the glory of their car for a while.  Apparently the Bloomfield Classic Car Cruise for last night was cancelled due to hurricane threats, so instead they stopped over on my block.  A win for me!  


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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Starfire after the Montclair Parade

  1. Cool! But hurricane threats? Sure it wasn’t tornado threat?

    • I didn’t know there were any threats! That’s why the owners of this fantastic automobile told me.

      And speaking of tornado threats – I don’t remember *ever* having one before the microburst several years ago. Now it seems like they come every other day. Nutso.

  2. Lovely photos! LOVE those cars, for a girl from Wales, American cars are truly fascinating!

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