Montclair’s Independence Day Parade 2011

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I love hometown parades.  It was fun to wave and cheer for everyone with the kids.  (Aren’t kids a great excuse to behave as you wish?)  And there were several good musical groups to dance to as well.  The family next to me complimented my dancing as we were leaving.  Why do I get the feeling it was just a tad tongue-in-cheek?

I missed the Brookdale Shoprite and Montclair Community Wildlife groups this year.  But there were plenty to enjoy.  I’ve included my faves in the order they marched with minor commentary.   For better photos and more commentary, check out Middle Age Mom and Baristanet’s slideshow from John Lee.


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6 Responses to Montclair’s Independence Day Parade 2011

  1. Eloiza says:

    great photos! xoxo (finally getting this in my inbox, yay!)

  2. commutefromhell says:

    Thanks for sharing! Maybe next year I’ll check it out 🙂

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