Glad I Saw It: No Golf

For much of the year, we avoid the grass in Edgemont Memorial Park due to the copious amounts of goose poop scattered about.  That explains why this “No Golf” grave marker (I know, I know, it’s just a marker…) is new to me.  It served us well as a bench for a bit.

Do people actually play golf in this park?  And do they use goose droppings as balls?


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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: No Golf

  1. And it’s such a substantial sign, like it needs to be there for all eternity. No Golf- EVER!

  2. When my kids attended Edgemont one Dad would arrive early for pickup, pop his trunk, grab a golf club and balls and go putting in the park.
    Goose poop. . .feh! Over the years, they’ve tried ‘everything’ to rid that park of geese: a township employee rowing around the pond with an air horn; a fake coyote (I think that’s what it was) planted in the park; addling goose eggs during nesting season; and more, but my favorite was a local off-leash border collie whose sheer exuberance and joy at herding those birds always made me smile, widely!

    • How can I get the job of rowing around the pond with an air horn? With earplugs, some water shoes, and sunblock – it sounds like the perfect summer morning!

      Thanks for the Goose History lesson!

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