Glad I Saw It: Flamingo Purgatory

Either these flamingos are looking for grubs, or this was a prank of some sort.  Still, I’m glad I caught these guys in a Glen Ridge yard while they were there.  I wonder if they’ll show up at a yard sale soon.

* A commenter mentioned that this may be a fundraiser.  Cute idea…but gnomes would be even cuter.


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6 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Flamingo Purgatory

  1. I used to see this more often. . .it was used as a fund raiser for a local non-profit. You pay and the flamingoes appeared on the front lawn of your choice. Too funny!

  2. I love that! My ideal, of course, would be dozens of adorable gnomes sprinkled around the lawn. But flamingos are cool too.

  3. when i was a teenager we would put a ton of for sale signs in one yard for a prank. it sounds ruder then i remember it being, but i am old, and there were no internets to keep us youth amused back then, so that is my excuse.

  4. A couple years ago it was the trend to “fork” people’s yards. The teenagers would stick hundreds of plastic forks in the lawn of someone they didn’t like. I haven’t seen that for a while. The economy tanked and it’s even affecting kid’s pranks-they can’t afford the forks!

    • I remember that from high school as well. Since I’m totally in the toddler mindset right now, the potential for foot and tumbled-down-onto-it damage makes me cringe. I thought it was pretty clever when I was in high school.

      I wonder if someone has tried it with sporks?

  5. It’s called “flocking.” If someone flocks you, it is kind of like a fundraising game of tag. When you are flocked you make a donation to a certain cause and then you flock someone else who you know is interested in the same cause. Kind of a fun way to get people involved in something!

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