A Busy Father’s Day – and we love him for it!

It was kind of a crazy Father’s Day; it certainly didn’t have the calm, cool, lavender tones of Mother’s Day.  It began with two restless kids squirming and kicking us in the gut and head at about 5:30 AM, and it ended with those same kids melting down over a juice box and having too much of a good thing. 

Still, after a morning visit to the park to kick a soccer ball around, the father of my children got to do some weeding and lawn work (I actually think it made him happy) while I took the kids to a birthday party (Who else got to go to a three-year-old party with Capoeira instruction for the kids?) for a few hours.  Then we went off to a Father’s Day dinner of pizza, margaritas, pisco sours, juice boxes and brownies.  Kind of seems like a day with a perfect recipe for melt-down, and it was!

Still, it was a day in which my husband got to be a really excellent dad who managed to calm the raging four-year-old beast and get him into bath and bed at an almost reasonable hour.  Just one of the reasons he’s so amazing.

This was one of two cards we gave Daddy this morning.  It was supposed to look like the fourth photo down on this post, but my first two attempts didn’t work out in the least.  I settled for a semi-reasonable facsimile, as I often do.


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One Response to A Busy Father’s Day – and we love him for it!

  1. you are so self deprecating – that card is awesome!!! i bet the kids loved giving it to dad, and i bet he loved getting it. which reminds me, my huz has left all his dad’s day stuff in a pile on the table i better remind him to “bring it to work” b4 anyone at our house gets hurt feelings.

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