Tree Damage: Grrrrrr.

As we pranced down the steps this morning, I focused on shooing the kids towards school, but they were fixated on something else.  “Mommy, those trees have boo-boos.”  I turned, and here’s what I saw:

I’m not too proud to admit that I assume that this vandalism was done by young people recently home from the great halls of learning or slightly younger people smelling the end of the school year already.  We’ve had several branches damaged and ripped off by various delivery and service trucks on our street, so I know there are other possibilities.  But the photo on the top has a branch that does not even belong to the tree in front of it.

Stuff like this just makes me sad.  As much as I cursed the pollen wafting about from these same trees, this is such a sad way to get out your Red Bull energy.  How about picking up the Michelob Ice cans that litter our corners instead?  Or shaving your head?  Or piercing something on your body?

Is there a monetary penalty in Montclair for this kind of damage?*  I know in NYC there is. According to the NYC Parks website, intentional destruction/removal/permanent damage to a tree can result in a $1000 penalty.  Since money seems to be the way to talk to people, I’m all for charging for stupidity.

*I’m such a nut that I actually have a call/email in to the town arborist to ask that very question.


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3 Responses to Tree Damage: Grrrrrr.

  1. Tracey says:

    Who would want to vandalize a tree? What has a tree ever done to anyone? That is sad.

  2. Siobhan Morello says:

    You think reporting vandalized trees is over the top? I’ve considered bringing those Michelob Ice cans to a crime lab for DNA analysis.

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