Quit the Schadenfreude and Rubber-Necking

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People cheat on their partners a lot, it seems.  And I know it causes immense heart-ache and conflicting emotions, but if I don’t have a friend involved or if there isn’t some sort of allegation of coercion, I don’t need to know the details.  The latest titillating revelations involve Arnold Schwarzenegger and his admitted infidelity and paternity.   Frankly, it pisses me off when the media and the people who lap up every detail and then blab as if they would never do anything to betray anyone ever expose personal details  about the individuals involved. 

I suppose my first sympathy goes out to the 13-year-old boy, whose photo is being pixellated just enough to keep the magazines from being sued despite his mother’s photo being plastered all over TMZ, because I am a love child – or bastard – or lust child myself.  Despite his famous father’s identity, this is just a kid who is in the midst of a situation he didn’t invent – on top of being 13.  Remember what being 13 was like?  And it makes me crazy that a bunch of oh-so-witty-blabbers and gotta-tweet-it-first adults want to widen the spotlight on what is a personal situation between two families.

Was a crime committed?  Was tax-payer money spent on this affair? (‘Cause we all know how THAT drives people’s need for morality in our celebrities and public servants.)  If not, then it’s none of our business.  That’s what soap operas are for, people.

Of course, Maria Shriver and her four children need support and hugs and caring, but not at the expense of another child.  And especially not from a public who has no idea what is actually going on between these family members.  It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for them, it’s that I am guessing this other child is NOT getting much support and sympathy.  Maria Shriver has Oprah, and more importantly, righteous anger on her side.  This 13-year-old boy has a mother who is being called all sorts of ugly names by people at all levels of public discourse, and some have resorted to calling the child names.  It shouldn’t matter what went on (She threatened!  He fired her!) and what prompted the secret to come out.  It is not part of our lives.

Move along.  There’s nothing for you to see here.


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